Nostradamus and the Human Spirit

Posted: January 5, 2013 in NOVEL
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This book was published early in Lynard’s life when he had to work extra hard to make ends meet. Nevertheless, he made time to write this book and kept up with his reading.

Neptune_featuredWritten around the time of the break up of the Soviet Union, THE AGE OF NEPTUNE shares information and perspective on some prophecies written over five hundred years ago by Michael de Nostradamus. They address terror as a given, as a commonplace of life after the rise of the United States as a superpower. The focus is not on whether Nostradamus was a seer of the future, but on the political and social philosophy espoused in his writings.

Can anything said five hundred years ago be relevant to today’s super-weapons, super-computers, super-experts and super-statesmen?

By way of a partial answer, the prophecies, like most prophecies, speak of war. But they also speak of the human spirit. We are the human spirit—our dreams, goals and aspirations become the ingredients of history. On another level, our human spirit is an extremely potent ingredient in the shaping of the future. In an age in which even the powerful are contorted by circumstance, it is the human spirit which remains unencumbered and un-terrorized. It is the human spirit which has no destiny, only a future. Man, the mind in terror, has a destiny and it is war. It takes no great seer to determine this. Of Man’s spirit, neither pundits nor seers know much, only that it is the intangible spark of tomorrow.

This book is currently out of print.


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