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Rolun: 2120 is available online for purchase in digital format and softcover paperback.

The first book published in 2012 . . .

TG Books_4The story is about a unique female character, Rolun, who is born some hundred years in the future. As she matures from young girl to womanhood, the reader does not have time to analyze her nor the events pressuring and pushing her. She could be any girl, any young woman confronting a future, a career.

We sense rather than know she is battling inner demons and we quickly develop sympathy for her. The calls for conformity, for being a productive member of society are as strong a hundred years hence as they are today. But the future goes one step farther:  conformity, the rules for individuals and institutions being cooperative and productive contributors to society are codified for every level of society.  In Rolun’s world, in this future world, the political and social system into which she is born shapes her just as our times shape us.  But there is what those in this future world call an undesirable side.  First there is Rolun’s cosmetic, genetic deformity.  Minor. In today’s world, we would easily overlook it.  But in the future, it is a marker.  Even as the daughter of one of the most wealthy men in society, Rolun must submit to controls the society has established for eliminating genetic imperfections in the population.  In this regard, Rolun is a conformist–a willful, even passionate conformist. Ignoring the sympathetic outcries of her family, friends, teachers who question the harshness of what is required of her, Rolun reverently submits to sterilization.  She is a believer.  She is a dedicated supporter of a society calling itself a “brotherhood”.

Beneath this facade however is another undesirable marker, a ghostly stream of emotion, rationalization, and irrational longing that only Rolun herself knows.  At times it causes her to openly violate social norms.  At times it makes her unusual, odd in the eyes of others. The inner demons, despite her struggle to maintain the outward appearance of conformity, propels her to a place in the society no others can occupy.  The struggle makes her a pawn in the scheme of others. Her struggle makes her unwittingly a force against the same ideals she seeks to uphold.

Here is the summary of  Rolun: 2120.

Book_2It is the twenty-second century. It is a time of perfect minds in perfect bodies. Every major aspect of list is controlled by committees and councils – entities without personalities, only acronyms. Into this society of pristine dedication and ostentatious perfection, into this post-America type democracy calling itself the “brotherhood”, Rolun is born.

The third in line of the wealthy and powerful Jarvis pharmaceutical dynasty, the seventeen-year old Rolun Jarvis, at the age of passage, is rendered sterile. A genetic flaw makes her undesirable as a progenitor. She accepts this consequence of her physical imperfection because she is in tune with the “mindset” of the times: the perfect mind in the perfect body. (That is very sad even in today’s world.)

Unexpectedly, Rolun is made a candidate to the High Council of the World Body of Governing Democracies. It is the most secret of secret councils; though many candidates are selected, few serve. Dennis Samson, her eighty-six year old “guardian” to the council will guide her career for the next six years as she goes through indoctrination college and on to her temporary community service job as a military instructor. Early on, she comes to realize not only is she being ostracized from the society to which she is spiritually devoted, but there are powerful forces at work intend on destroying both her and her father. Through a struggle not of her choosing, though fears rooted in her need for love, Rolun becomes the paragon of her times.



A Deadly Game

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PHOBOS LOCK is intended for the X-Files aficionado–a little science,
a little mystery, a little conspiracy and a bottom line truth.

Combine the old adage about idle hands being the devil’s workshop and the inclination some have to see a conspiracy in solved and unsolved mysteries and you have the basics of PHOBOS LOCK.

TG Books_5At a Thanksgiving celebration, Stephen Steward, the main character, casually tosses out the remark, “to get a secret, you must have a secret”.  He didn’t know at the time that two of his friends, Roger Strayhorn, a conspiracy buff, and Clarence C. Hagerton, an electronics wizard, would spend a couple of months churning the depths of the Internet to eventually become ensnared in the quest for a video tape.  The tape purportedly showed the last couple of seconds of image data from the 1989 Soviet PHOBOS II Mars orbiter before it was mysteriously lost.

Strayhorn is killed before he can pick up the tape from a source he and Hagerton have met on the Internet.  Learning of the death, Steward responds from a sense of guilt when Hagerton seeks to confess his own guilt at arranging procurement of the video.  When Hagerton is subsequently killed in a car bombing, Steward begins a quest to discover the reason. With help from his girlfriend, Stephanie Thornfield, he begins logically and systematically putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  Dr. Jeffrey O’Connell, a former consultant with NASA, apparently shipped the tape to someone in Chicago.  But the more pieces Steward puts into place, the  less the puzzle has to do with the reason his friends were killed. There is a conspiracy apparently to keep the last couple of seconds of the video tape secret.   He realizes he has slipped into the same trap that got his friends killed in the first place. He is unearthing questions and no answers.

Confronted by the possibility of losing Stephanie, he decides to back off. But it’s too late… much too late.