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A Deadly Game

Posted: January 7, 2013 in FICTION, NOVEL
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PHOBOS LOCK is intended for the X-Files aficionado–a little science,
a little mystery, a little conspiracy and a bottom line truth.

Combine the old adage about idle hands being the devil’s workshop and the inclination some have to see a conspiracy in solved and unsolved mysteries and you have the basics of PHOBOS LOCK.

TG Books_5At a Thanksgiving celebration, Stephen Steward, the main character, casually tosses out the remark, “to get a secret, you must have a secret”.  He didn’t know at the time that two of his friends, Roger Strayhorn, a conspiracy buff, and Clarence C. Hagerton, an electronics wizard, would spend a couple of months churning the depths of the Internet to eventually become ensnared in the quest for a video tape.  The tape purportedly showed the last couple of seconds of image data from the 1989 Soviet PHOBOS II Mars orbiter before it was mysteriously lost.

Strayhorn is killed before he can pick up the tape from a source he and Hagerton have met on the Internet.  Learning of the death, Steward responds from a sense of guilt when Hagerton seeks to confess his own guilt at arranging procurement of the video.  When Hagerton is subsequently killed in a car bombing, Steward begins a quest to discover the reason. With help from his girlfriend, Stephanie Thornfield, he begins logically and systematically putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  Dr. Jeffrey O’Connell, a former consultant with NASA, apparently shipped the tape to someone in Chicago.  But the more pieces Steward puts into place, the  less the puzzle has to do with the reason his friends were killed. There is a conspiracy apparently to keep the last couple of seconds of the video tape secret.   He realizes he has slipped into the same trap that got his friends killed in the first place. He is unearthing questions and no answers.

Confronted by the possibility of losing Stephanie, he decides to back off. But it’s too late… much too late.