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We often hear people’s stories on the news, in the newspapers, and on the internet. Some are hilarious, some are sad, some are inspiring. After the thirty-minute break, we most likely forget what was on TV and focus on what is going on in our own lives. We quickly dismiss the news stories because we don’t know those people. What happened to them had very little to do with us.

Like I always tell people, I have my own problems. I paid little attention to stories like people trying to cross the U.S. boarder and get caught in Texas. Or another story about a 72-year old man battling 15-inch snow in brutal freezing temperature in Chicago. He needed to get to his job, taking food to elderly.

That changed when I met the three sisters. I can’t help to think about what happened to them. They came to the United States as refugees after the Vietnam War. Their heart-wrenching struggles for a better life continued after they arrived in the free world.

I met the three sisters in a grocery store one Saturday afternoon. We caught each other’s attention when we realized we spoke the same language, which is Cantonese. My ears pop up whenever I hear people speak Cantonese. They were as excited as I was. We chatted like old friends who haven’t seen each other for decades. I am Chinese from Hong Kong and they are Chinese from Vietnam. We talked and talked. Reluctantly we exchanged phone numbers and promised to meet again.

And we did…